“If you die, what kind of heaven would you like to go to?” my 11-year-old asked me.

Almost every day after dinner, the kids and I take a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. On our walks, we talk about their school and a potpourri of random subjects. Even absurd and off-the-wall questions can expect to be entertained with answers.

“I have always wanted to go to the heaven of the ancient Greek gods.” I knew the answer. I have already given thought to my after-life.

“Why?” 11-year-old.

“Their heaven looks fun.” me, then added, “I have seen many paintings of the Greek gods in Europe’s churches and museums, and these gods are always partying!”

“The Greek gods always hang out in some beautiful scenic place, with a huge, grand marble palace in the background. And they have these cute pink-cheeked fat babies with wings flying around them.” me, describing my memory out loud.

“Yes! I remember the fat babies that can fly.” 11-year-old chimed in.

“Those babies can be mischievous, but they never cry.” me…I love chubby babies.

“And the gods themselves. They are always half naked, relaxing with their wine and grapes, having a great time. Now that’s heaven!” me.

Dionysus-The god of wine...

“Yeah…”11-year-old smiled approvingly of my choice of heaven.

“Not like the heaven of our church. Everything is hospital white up there. Plus a couple of bearded old men. It seems so boring! I am not even sure I want to go there.” me.

“I wonder why the Christian church never bothered to make their heaven more exciting. They have been around a long time, and have had lots of power and money.” me.

“Because you know their hell is worse.” 11-year-old.

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