Our beautiful big Christmas tree is defective…

Our Grand Fir

Every year in early December, we go to our favorite tree lot to pick out a nice tree. We walk past the Douglas Firs and Noble Firs, and head straight to the small Grand Fir section. We have discovered that Grand Firs are fuller than the Noble Fir, and their pine needles are stronger than the Douglas’, so they don’t fall all over our floor. And best of all, the Grand Fir has a powerful pine scent that I have long associated with the smell of Christmas. I love the smell of Christmas.

But the Grand Fir in our living room this year has no scent! I have sniffed this tree all over, been surprised by the nothingness, and sniffed it again and again, then ordered my children and hubby to do the same, and they agree: this tree lacks a smell. If it weren’t for the fact that this tree sucks up water like an elephant, I might even suspect that we bought a fake tree.

It is the holiday season, so we decided against sending our tree to an early retirement. Instead, we got ourselves a nice fresh wreath, with a strong scent, and it did the trick!


So, we are able to enjoy our beautiful tree, and smell Christmas in the house.

Hawaiian Green Turtle Ornament

My favoirte football team ornament

Speaking of in the house, unlike most people, who put up Christmas lights outside of their house for other people to enjoy, we prefer to decorate the inside of our house with Christmas lights.

Candy Cane light up our stairs

Christmas lights around the floor

We are a family of self-serving individuals.

Christmas Joy

Merry Christmas!

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