We have a new addition to our family. His name is Fred.

We brought Fred home on Dec 30th, just in time to ring in the New Year with us.

Fred’s arrival was greeted with paparazzi-like fanfare, with camcorder rolling and competing cameras flashing. But none is more excited than my 11-year-old, who promptly started a Fred journal to deposit the details of this new excitement that will stand the test of time.

I took a peek in the journal today, and noted a few interesting clips of some entries:

Journal for Fred

12-30-11: Mom and Dad are taking too many pictures, and I think Fred is getting scared…..

12-30-11: When Mom was trying to take a picture, and she made me get out of the way. Now I can’t even look at Fred!! :( !!

12-30-11: He is very pretty.

(Dec 30th was Fred’s first day home, so the journal had many, many entries on that day.)

12-31-11: It is actually 1-1-12 now. Fred should really go to bed now. I think he’s tired. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRED!!

1-1-12: Lauren and Megan came today. We showed them Fred, and they were excited.

1-2-12: I think Fred’s happy – I know I am!

1-3-12: We’re going back to school today. We won’t see Fred for 6 hours. :(

1-4-12: He farted! Bubbles came out of his butt!

Meet Fred

Fred is our kids’ new pet fish. Yes…we showered extreme admiration on a goldfish the size of a jolly rancher.

This little fish that swims aimlessly (and sometimes backwards) in his fish tank probably has no idea that he currently plays the role of the hero in our children’s happy childhood memories in the making.

Fred in his new home

I, too, love our Fred. He reignites my marvel at the simple joys of youth.

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