I love fluffy white rice. I think this fact alone makes me a proper Chinese woman. Rice is the heavily favored carb that frequents our dinner table. But my white rice came under assault a little over a month ago.

As with most foods, if you like it, it isn’t that good for you. What ill can innocent-looking rice bring to you? According to my children’s pediatrician, I am not feeding my family enough whole-grain foods. White rice is just empty carbs, and does not measure up to whole grain.

She suggested brown rice instead. I gave her a funny look…No Chinese families or Chinese restaurants that I know of serve brown rice! Brown rice shakes the foundation of my heritage!

Luckily, our pediatrician had a plan for us. She suggested for me to mix the brown rice with white rice. Start with just little bit of brown rice first, once the kids grow used to the taste, then gradually increase the amount of brown rice, until it is half white rice and half brown rice. Apparently half and half is the set goal to achieve whole-grain goodness.

Brown and white rice mix

We like our pediatrician. I immediately brought premium-quality brown rice, and dutifully put her suggestion into practice.

I had no problem achieving half white and half brown within a month. No one complained.

“How do you like our rice” me.

“Fine.” kids and hubby.

“You don’t mind the brown rice in it?” me.

“No.” Kids and hubby.

How could this be fine! Every time you introduce this awful rice to your mouth, it tastes like your rice has been invaded by foreigners. I can’t stand this rice!

Brown rice invades

I am totally put off by their complacent attitude toward our new rice. They are supposed to complain, so I can quit the brown rice.

I can’t be the one to complain. I often preach to them to quit eating too much butter and sweets, while urging them to eat more green-leafy vegetables and fruits. I have to maintain my reputation as the healthy champion of the family.

My kids are notoriously picky eaters, and the one time I counted on them to protest, they failed me.

Kids eat brown rice!

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