I was tidying up the house earlier this week, and came across what appeared to be my 11-year-old’s journal. I decided to take a peek, aided by the opinion that 11-year-olds have no rights to privacy from their mothers.

It turned out to be a picture journal.

The drawings were mostly childish “brainstorm” non-sense sessions, but six illustrations titled “Reflective Activity Art” captivated my attention.

Picture 1:Child received a C- at school…yikes!!

Kid gets a C- at school.

Picture 2: Child arrived home, and hesitated before a huge heavy door.

Kid comes home from school.

Picture 3: Child showed Mom the C- paper, and Mom instantly freaked out.

Kid Shows C- paper to mom.

Picture 4: Mom was about to initiate a yelling session, but the child ran away. (See the three lines…that’s the dust from the child running away quickly)

Kid runs away from angry mom.

Picture 5: Angry mom stomped upstairs to go after the child.

Mom goes after child.

Picture 6: Mom tracked down the child in a room, shut the door behind her, then barked furiously at the child to protest the C-.

Mom barks at child for getting a C-.

Wow…I found myself reflecting deeply on these drawings for quite some time. I learned so much about myself through my child’s eyes from these six simple pictures.

And I hope my children also learned to never bring home another C-!!!

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