Are you still dealing with those Halloween candies at home?

Two bags of Halloween Candy!

We usually don’t have this problem. We have a Halloween Fairy.

What’s a Halloween Fairy, you might ask?

Well, we have this Halloween Fairy that comes every Halloween night. After the children are fast asleep, the Halloween fairy sweeps through our home, and takes all the kids’ Trick-or-Treat candies away. ALL of them! Totally ruthless.

The Halloween Fairy has terrorized our children for as long as they could remember,

Happy Halloween

leaving them with bad dreams, and dreading going to sleep every Oct 31st.

This year, the kids grew wiser. They hid their Halloween candies.

The poor Halloween Fairy left evidence that she had searched high and low and every corner of our house, but did not find the two big bags of candies.

The kids did leave all their Almond Joys out for the Halloween Fairy as a consolation prize. They hate Almond Joys.

When do kids outgrow Trick-or-Treating anyway….

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