See this face?

Yucky Food Face

This is the stinky face I get just about every time I tried to introduce a new flavor to my now 12-year-old.

“Oh, this is just a phase. Every kid have them. They will grow out of it.” These were the comforting words our pediatrician gave me every time I bring this up during our doctor visits.

Unless I am growing a giant redwood tree, you just can’t call 12 years a “phase”!

This kid will very soon outgrow the kids menu, but still greets most food with the same repulsive expression

Hate New Food Face

on her now adolescent face, with an added gesture of a thumbs down.

When we go to restaurants, they must entertain her with the choices of Mac-n-Cheese, Plain Cheese burger, Cheese Pizza, Pasta with butter sauce, bread and butter, and milk.

Miraculously, my tween has managed to grow to my height despite her severely limited diet.

Recently, even the restaurants we frequented have began to hand her the regular menu.

“Can I have the kids menu?” the 12-year-old would tell our waitress with a winsome smile.

Winsome Smiling Face

The waitress would return with the kids menu and a box of crayons.

“Look!” my 12-year-old would point at the menu, “It says 12 and under.”

“What happens in a few months, when you turn 13?” me.

“I will eat off of her plate.” pointing at our 9-year-old.

Just the other night, after the kids are in bed. I lamented to my husband, “We need a plan to get her to eat grown-up food…”


I decided a bit of drama is necessary to engage my husband in yet another round of discussion concerning our firstborn’s eating habit, so, I started, “I worry. She grows up. A nice young man takes her on a date to a nice restaurant. She feeds off of the kids menu, and scares him away.”

“Hey! Some men appreciate a cheap date!” hubby.

“FINE! You just sit tight and keep waiting for this phase to end then.” me.

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