I had a fabulous Mother’s day celebration last Sunday. But it was a home-made card that my 9-year-old gave me that really made my day. I love, love, love, this Mother’s Day card.

As my children are getting older, I knew that the days of those adorable hand-made cards are severely numbered if not already gone. By now, they already figured out that for a few bucks, they can just buy an adorable card that Hallmark made. I was only too happy to be wrong, not only did I receive a hand-made card, it is also much more thoughtful and grandeur.

Page 1:

When I come home, you are always preparing a good meal for me

Page 2:

You are a very funny person

Page 3:

You are always giving me good advice

Page 4:

You always take me to special places

Page 5:

You always help correct my homework

Page 6:

You are always giving me the encouragement I need.

Page 7:

You are the best mom!!!

Alright, gotta run. I have a 9-year-old to spoil….

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