It was still over 100 degrees at 7:40PM, with 50% humidity in the air. This sauna is called Dubai.

Dubai from the Tallest building in the world

We were in Dubai for our 2 day layover on our way to South Africa.

This is the first time we have ever set foot in the Middle East, and in the middle of Ramadan! However, Dubai is nothing like the Middle East that we often see on TV.

Upon arriving the airport, we were whisked away by a female taxi driver! She wore a pinkish flower print head scarf, and has many friends. She kept getting calls and chatted happily on her cell phone most of the ride.

Along the way to our hotel, I noted how new, cosmopolitan, and extravagant this city is. I was wowing silently to myself looking out the window.

Dubai from the Burj Khalifa

However Dubai in July is not exactly a treat, being very, very hot and humid. So, we decided to stay at the Atlantis the Palm.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

This is the resort with the big famous water park, and an enormous aquarium that some of their water slides pass through.

Leap of Faith-Atlantis, Dubai

I have heard that Dubai is a very service oriented city, and the Atlantis certainly lived up to the reputation.

Atlantis’ staff to guest ratio is incredibly high. They are everywhere to be helpful and smile. Doors are pulled open for us with a smile and greeting, when we arrive at the guest tower lifts, a staff would already push the elevator button for us, and hold the door open for all of us to get in. Just about everywhere we went, we were immediately greeted and offered assistance.

They do all these without the expectation of a tip.

At the water park, life guards are stationed everywhere, even better, they have staffs stationed in the water whose job is to give you a little push or pull, and when the lazy river split into different rivers, staffs will be there to ask you which way, and send you off to your desired river.

The resort also built several water escalators that take you up to big water slides, so, guests are truly lazy on their lazy river.

Aquadventure - Atlantis the Palm

We graciously allowed ourselves to be served in Dubai, and was sorry to leave.

Burj Khalifa - from the 124th floor observation deck

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