I bought a Nikon with a big lens, and took a photography class to learn how to use it just days before our flight to South Africa. That was a great investment!

I took couple hundred pictures a day, about half are my favorite. By now, I think I am professional…

Me, the photographer

I promise this will be my last South Africa post. I had to share a few of my favorite safari shots. I hope you will “OOH” and “AAH” over them.

1. My most prized lion shot.

Lion - Londolozi Game Reserve

2. My favorite flying bird shot.

Soft landing at Chobe National Park

3. My favorite standing bird shot.

Bird of Eden, Knysna, South Africa

4. My most cooperative animal.

Thanks for posing!

5. The best mother and child pose.

Zebras at Kruger National Park

6. The cutest.

Cubs at the Londolozi Game Reserve

7. The prettiest.

Do not eat. They are poisonous.

8. The mightiest

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It took me DAYS to select these 8 pictures to share with you. Did I mention that I took couple hundreds of pictures a day…

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