I am beginning to feel like a Jiuzhaigou promoter, as I need to rave about this unique natural wonderland some more.

Jiuzhai Valley Lake

We went back to Jiuzhaigou for a second day to explore the other side of the park. We took the park bus all the way to the top of the mountain again, and hiked most of the way down. The newly and well-constructed hiking trail is blessed with ever changing scenery, and almost always partnered with cascading rushing water, amidst green mountains, crystal clear blue lakes, and so many gorgeous waterfalls.

Jiuzhaigou hiking path

Jiuzhaigou means the valley of nine villages, nine Tibetan villages actually. Inside the park, only three of the Tibetan villages can be visited, the other 6 villages are still deep in the mountains, and there are not currently any roads that lead to them. Besides hiking all day, it was a nice treat to stop at one of the villages, where we got to visit some of the tibetan homes, and buy some local arts and crafts and some refreshements and sweets as well. The local Tibetan villagers were friendly.

Tibetan Village in Jiuzhaigou

I took hundreds of pictures again. It is just so beautiful here. Every scene that came into my vision was worthy to be remembered forever.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took.

Jiuzhaigou Bamboo Waterfalls

Panda Lake Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou's Pearl River Falls

Mirror Lake

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