Four tickets to a football game at the Levi’s Stadium!!! Woohoo!

Levi Stadium Tickets

No, it is not the 9ers game, and it is so not the NFL! It is to watch my teen’s high school’s varsity football game!!!

That’s right, our high school football team got to play at the 49ers new stadium. What a splendid opportunity to go see the much talked about new stadium without all the crowd and their notorious game day traffic. Inexpensive tickets, too!

Even though the stadium was only half full, the food services were still open. So, we loaded up on unhealthy football food.

Garlic Fries

My dinner

Families were out in school gears and cheered for their teams. It was a fun night.

Cheering fans

So the final score really wasn’t important.

Since we had the late game that started at 8PM, we did not get home until around midnight.

Did I get to sleep in on my weekend morning? NO! My alarm clock jolted my eyes wide open at 7AM on Saturday morning.

I had to take my 15-year-old to her Water Polo tournament on Saturday. She had two games that day, but of course, one had to be an early morning game, and the second one in the mid afternoon. Who needs a whole Saturday anyway.

Water Polo game

On a positive note, Water Polo is a fast paced, thrilling, and fun game to watch. I am surprised that it isn’t more popular in the US. It is way more exciting than soccer or baseball.

On Sunday, I got to watch my 12-year-old play Volleyball for 2 hours.

2 hours of Volleyball on Sunday

I watched a lot of games this past weekend, and it really tired me out.

Thank goodness for Mondays!

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