My 10 year old’s 5th grade class went on a much anticipated field trip to NASA Ames Research Center yesterday. As soon as I picked up my child from the school field trip, my 10 year old wasted no time in sharing the most intriguing part of the field trip.

“Do you know what astronauts do with their pee up in space?” 10-year-old.


“They clean it and then they drink it” 10-year-old.

“Are you joking?” I laughed.

“No. It is true!” 10-year-old.

“A lot of kids heard that, and decided that they don’t want to be astronauts anymore” 10-year-old continued.

“What about you?” me.

“I still do. But I will spend thousands of dollars to bring my own water with me. Because I don’t want to drink my pee.” 10 year old declared smartly.

“Do you know what they do with Poop up there?” 10-year-old

“They clean it and eat it?” I volunteered my gross prediction.

“No!” 10-year-old.

“Oh, good!” me.

“They put the poop into a capsule, and then shoot it into the atmosphere.” 10-year-old.

“That’s a much better idea… So, the space is full of poop?” me.

“No. When they shoot the poop into space, it will get burned up in the sky, just like a shooting star.” 10-year-old.

“So, a shooting star might be a capsule of poop burning in a ball of fire?” me.

“Yes, so don’t make a wish the next time you see a shooting star. It could be just poop.” 10-year-old.

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