My kids are in the midst of their two-week winter break. Our home is filled with the happy noises children make when they are not burdened with homework and their many after-school activities.

Last night, after dinner, my baby, the precious 7-year-old, promptly started the Wii Mario Kart Racing game. So, myself and my 10-year-old quickly sat down in front of the TV to play spectators and cheering fans.

wii wheel

My baby is rather good at this game, and was soon racing away, blowing past other racers along the way. I was cheering and enjoying the fast passing scenery on TV. Then all of a sudden, another kart came from behind and bumped into my baby’s kart, sending my baby’s kart into several tail spins.

“Oh, No!”, my 10-year-old and I said simultaneously. While at the same time, we knew the baby would recover and catch up.

As the child’s kart straighted, it started moving fast ahead again, except, we quickly noted, the kid was driving the wrong way!

“Wrong way!” 10-year-old.

“Turn around! Turn around!!” me.

My 10-year-old and I were yelling while waving our arms and hands at the baby. The Wii console was also helping our cause by flashing an U-turn sign on the TV. We were all demanding for the baby to turn the kart around.

Undaunted, the baby kept the kart racing intently in the opposite direction. Finally, with all the distractions, the baby missed a turn, and the kart fall off the cliff.

We stopped yelling and waving, as the Wii was working its way to rescue the kart back up.

The baby finally turned to look at us, and plainly said, “I know I was driving the other way. I WANTED to go home!”

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