My 10 year old is really smart these days, not just book smart, the kid is becoming street smart too.

Yesterday, soon after the kids got home from school, my 10 year old came to interrupt my intense preoccupation with my laptop.

“Mom, please don’t yell at me. I have something to tell you.” 10-year-old.

I will admit that I can be quick tempered, but I am not a habitual yeller. Definitely not.

Sensing some kind of trap, I hesitated, then lamely replied, “I will yell at you, if you deserve to be yelled at. But, I will try not to.”

“Mom, I got a 95% on my math test.” 10-year-old.

Okay, despite what you might have read or heard about us Chinese mothers, a 95% always brought me obvious satisfaction.

Sensing an even bigger trap, I squinted my eyes at the smart one, and said in a low voice, “W-H-Y would I want to yell at you for that?”

“I forgot to do problem number 18”, 10-year-old.

“…huh?..” me

“I just skipped over it and FORGOT to give problem number 18 an answer.” kid. Then quickly added, “I know how to do it!”

Problem #18 is missing an answer!

Oh…improper foolishness! Instinctively, I would have barked out, “That’s so stupid!” But having been prepped how not to react ahead of the time, I rolled the words back from the tip of my tongue.

I quickly re-organized my thoughts, then asked with a big grin, “And how do you feel about that?”

“I feel stupid.” the smart one.

“Ha, ha, you are off the hook then.” me.

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