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Welcome to Caffeinated Chatterbox,’s blog site!  I am a busy mother of two young children, who used to be a very sane person, a once proud corporate warrior who was happy to be consumed by work, and loved making money, just to have an orderly lifestyle consisting of reading, eating out, weekend hikes or bike rides, and travel somewhere once a year for two weeks.   Then my husband and I were blessed with children!  Slowly, and over time, I gave up the idea of an orderly lifestyle, gave up corporate life, and allowed myself to commit many disturbing acts just to satisfy my relentless pursuit of our young offspring’s happiness.

This site is about taking a break from a busy life of parenting, kids, work, chores, eating, and having fun, just to blabber about parenting, kids, work, chores, eating, and having fun.  This site is also about capturing the small moments of a busy life, finding humor and healing frustrations in the seemingly normal course of daily family life.  Welcome to AsianParent’s caffeinated chatterbox.

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