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My sister recently got me this 5 lb bag of Jules Gluten Free flour. She knew I am still on my baking binge. Bless her heart.

Gluten free flour

In the past, a 5 lb bag of flour could take me 10 years to use. I did not bake, and rarely used flour in my cooking. But now, with a young celiac in the house, who often craves sweet dough, I quickly took up baking.

Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making gluten free donuts.

I simply mixed some egg, vanilla, buttermilk, and cooking oil into my flour, and turned it into dough that took on the scent of heavenly vanilla and buttermilk.

GF dough

A nice roller pin and donut cutter shaped the dough.

Get in shape! donuts

I popped the dough into a fryer hot with oil, and in just a few short minutes, we got fresh gluten free donuts!!

Just of the fryer

All donuts deserve a good glaze. So, I wiped up a quick glaze with the help of lot of powdered sugar, a small amount of milk, and a small amount of maple syrup.

homemade syrup

This simple syrup glazed my donuts beautifully.

glazed donut

Of course, one must not forget to make some donut holes…

Perfect donut holes

In about an hour or so, we got a fresh plate of glazed donuts, sugar donuts, cinnamon sugar donuts, and donut holes.

Gluten free donut is served

It is not fair to say that I am on a mission to feed delicious gluten free foods to my baby. I am simply obsessed about it!

As our stomachs were still digesting the donuts, a fresh loaf of gluten free buttermilk bread came out of our bread machine, looking and smelling magnificent.

Gluten free buttermilk bread

You know it is good bread when the gluten-eating members of the family were demanding their fair share too.

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“Time for dinner!” I shouted out to the kids.

Kids came running down the stairs, and plopped down to their chairs.

After a couple of gulps of milk, they busied themselves with piling food onto their plates.

“Hey! My cousin just moved out of her parents’ house last weekend!” I said.

The kids nodded.

“It is about time! She is 28 already.” me.

“Well, she did just finish graduate school.” me.

Kids ate rather quietly.

“I did encourage her to move out. Young people must establish their independence, and learn to live on their own.” me.

Kids chewing.

“I love you kids, but when you grow up, you must learn to be independent.” me.

Every now and then, I found myself conducting a conversation all by myself at the dinner table, so their silence wasn’t unusual. (In case you were worried about me.)

“Your mom and dad can not take care of you forever, so you must learn to live on your own, and do it well.” me.

“Just like those cute lion and cheetah cubs you saw in South Africa, those cute little things will need to master the skills to kill and hunt on their own someday to survive.” me.

“It is actually not much different for us humans…” me.

“Mom.” 14 year-old interrupted.

I looked up at my teen.

“When I turn 18…” 14 year-old paused for dramatic effect.

It worked, all eyes were on her.

“You guys are moving out.” 14 year-old.

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