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My baby

Ah…time flies. My baby will be graduating from elementary school tomorrow.

I got a graduation card and enhanced it with a fine looking $100 bill. All the rest of the family had to do was to sign it.

Graduation card with built-in gift

“Can I put a message on the card too?” asked my 14 year-old.

“Of course!” me.

ARGH!! This teenager.

The coded message

“Hey, I didn’t complain that you had to sign the card with Swag Bean. But how could you put a mean message on her graduation card!!” I gave my teen the death stare.

“That’s not a mean message.” teen stated flatly.

I re-examined the message once more.

“What does the corners of your pie hole reaching for the heavens even mean?” me, too dense to solve the puzzle.

My teen placed her two index fingers to the corners of her mouth, and pushed them into her cheeks, and added, “It means I hope she is smiling big!”

“Oh! That’s nice, dear.” me.

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