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We came home late Saturday night, and found our home phone answer machine blinking like crazy. I have been offline and unreachable for a whole week.

We took the kids on a snowboarding trip to Whistler, Canada, last week. Although Canada does not feel very foreign from the US, it is indeed another country, so AT&T wanted to charge me a hefty roaming charge, plus international calling and text rates. I decided to shut my phone off for a whole week. I am cheap like that.

So, how was Whistler?


Whistler Mountain Ski Resort

It’s majestic duo mountains were the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic.

It has a huge village, with an extensive number of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops (the village had two Starbucks!), grocery stores, and endless shops throughout.

Whistler Village at night

We spent 5 glorious days on the slopes.

The kids riding down the slopes

It was never boring. In addition to a massive number to trails to choose from, the mountain was ever changing.

Which run??

You could have clear blue sky, and find yourself floating on top of the clouds one moment,

My baby on top of the clouds

to dense fog on a different section of the mountain,

Seriously foggy, can't see the trail ahead

to punishing whiteout condition,

Braving the whiteout condition

to warmer slushy conditions near the base.

It is so nice of the schools to offer a ski week off in the middle of the February every year.

The cool one.

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