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I love sea bass! But not just any sea bass, I favor specifically the Chilean Sea Bass.

With white, tender flesh, and no matter how you prepare it, it will always melt in your mouth like butter.

It is the BEST fish in the world, and the restaurants know it too. That’s why they always charge a small fortune for a 6 oz Sea Bass Steak. An even bigger problem is that few restaurants even serve Chilean Sea Bass.

I found other ways to enjoy this fish on a regular basis. Our local Chinese supermarket has Chilean Sea Bass. It is very expensive, but it goes on sale from time to time. Whenever I find it on sale, and it looks relatively fresh, I would buy it, and cook the fish myself.

I think I have perfected my Sea Bass recipe. I even proclaim it my signature dish.

Home-made Chilean Sea Bass


Chilean Sea Bass: 1 to 1.5 lbs

Lime or Lemon: Just a wedge

Garlic: 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped.

Ginger: ¼ cup of ginger cut into about 2 inch length, thinly sliced.

Green onion: 2 strings of green onion, cut into about 2 inch length, thinly sliced.

Cooking wine: ¼ cup of cooking wine.

Soy Sauce: ¼ cup of soy sauce.

Sugar: ¼ cup of sugar.

Vinegar: 1/3 cup of dark vinegar.

Water: ¼ cup of water.

Cooking oil: ½ cup of cooking oil.

Salt and Pepper: Just a pinch

Preparation: Cook time: 15 – 20 min. EASY.

1. Wash and pat dry the Sea Bass with paper towel
2. Pinch of salt and pepper on both sides of the Sea Bass steak
3. Squeeze a wedge of lime or lemon on both sides of Sea Bass.
4. Prepare the frying pan with cooking oil.
5. When the cooking oil is hot. Put about half of the garlic, ginger, and green onion into the frying pan.
6. Then carefully lower the fish into the frying pan. Cook in high heat for about 3-5 minutes.
7. Put the rest of the garlic, ginger, and green onion on top of the fish, then carefully flip the fish to braise the other side.
8. Add half of suggested amount of the cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar evenly onto the fish. Cook on high heat for about 3-5 minutes.
9. Flip the fish again.
10. Now add the remaining half of the cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar evenly onto this side of the fish.
11. Turn the heat to medium heat, add the water, cover and simmer until the fish has been cooked for a total of about 15-20 minutes. (Depending on the thickness of the fish steak).

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“Jenny! I found the perfect ski pants for you!” hubby.

I was with the cashier at the Helm’s Snow Sporting store, paying for a very necessary snowboarding pants for my 12-year-old. That’s when I heard hubby shouting for me in the middle of the store somewhere.

I ignored him.

“Jenny!” hubby.

I wasn’t done signing the credit card receipt, and there were only a couple of other customers in the area, so I shouted back at him, “I don’t need new ski pants.”

“Jenny. It is Gore-Tex ski pants!” hubby, unable to control his excitement.

“I like the ski pants I already have!” me.

“Well, come and take a look.” hubby.

I was very annoyed with him. Ski clothes are very expensive. I am not in the habit of buying them for fun.

I wanted to leave the story right away after paying for our daughter’s ski pants, and now I have to look at his Gore-Tex pants.

I walked over to him, in an area thick with densely packed heavy ski clothes.

“Look at this! Gore-Tex!” he pulled the tag to show me.

“That’s size 14!” me.

“Oh, then here is a size 12 for you.” him.

“Are you crazy?!! I can’t wear a size 12!” me.

“Why not?! We just bought a size 12 (for our daughter!), and you guys are almost the same height.” him.

Our 12-year-old's size 12 pants

“That came from the kids section!” I pointed at the kids section, fuming.

A lady nearby heard us arguing, peeked at me, and chimed in, “She can’t be wearing a size 12!” she looked at my husband disapprovingly, peeked at me once more, and declared, “She is a size 2”.

This lady was spot on. I do usually wear size 2.

Not wanting some perfect stranger to think that I am married to a fool, I explained my husband to her: “We just bought a size 12 for our 12-year-old, and now he thinks I am a size 12, just because we are about the same height!”

I turned to hubby, he frowned, then pulled the size 12 Gore-Tex out of its rack, and pull it up to me for measurement.

It nearly fit me like an overall!

“Oh. So, this is women’s size 12.” he quickly put the Gore-Tex back, and walked away.

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Here is my baby’s latest and greatest source of pride:

The 4th grade Native Indian School Project

Her 4th grade Native Indian Social Studies project.

My baby had great concerns with this project at first. They had to do this project with a partner, but they didn’t get to choose their own partners. Instead, the partners were assigned by their 4th grade teacher. A boy was assigned to my baby. A particularly disappointing boy.

Undeterred by my baby’s unhappy predicament, I dispatched a note to Bryce’s mom, and invited him over to our house last Saturday afternoon to work on this project.

Bryce was promptly delivered to our house at 2PM. His mom promised to come and pick him up at 6PM.

I miscalculated.

That Saturday was a huge football weekend, where both the Broncos and the 49ers, our favorite NFL teams were playing for a spot to move one step away from the Super Bowl game. That meant that we were going to leave the two kids working by themselves largely unsupervised in the living room.

We had to watch the big games!

I had my doubts for leaving these two 9-year-olds on a 4 hour long project by themselves, and half accepted that their project will be a disaster.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

Young Bryce turned out to be quite a perfectionist. He took over an hour meticulously measuring, cutting, and gluing the grass mat around a river they painted onto their foam board.

Making the Hupa Tribe Grounds

When he was finally done with it, I saw that the Hupa Indian tribe lived on a golf course.

Perfect tribal grounds and a river

Not to be outdone, the baby made this Hupa sweat house out of popsicle sticks.

Hupa Sweat House

The Hupa sweat house was a house made out of wood planks where the hunters would gather. Prior to this project, my imagination only permitted teepees as shelters for the native Indians.

My 9-year-old is highly experienced with arts and crafts. She glued down the Sweat House with rocks and fake bush, and this looks just like a replica of an image of the Sweat House she found on the internet.

The two kids worked splendidly well together, and were having fun.

They had a supply of a few Indian and animal figurines, along with some fake trees and bushes, and were left alone to put on the finishing touches. They were expected to glue these items onto various places on their project.

When I returned to check up on them, instead of simply placing these items onto their tribal land, they had conspired to BBQ a cow over an open fire.

BBQ an entire cow!

Then, just across the river, a Hupa hunter speared a bleeding buffalo.

The kill

I would like to vacation at this Native Indian Golf and Game Resort.

A destination

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My kids have not been themselves during this winter break, entirely unrecognizable.

Their normal activities during holidays at home consist of lounging around, reading, roaming the house in their pjs, and raiding the refrigerator and our snack pantry. The easy life.

For unknown reasons, they quit their peaceful existence and suddenly took up homemade swords and hacked at each other for joy!

Swords and Shield

I am not to be blamed for any of this. We have never supplied them with weapon-like toys of any kind. No!

They did not seek my help. They made all sorts of swords, daggers, and a shield themselves. They took a considerable amount of time, and used rulers, cutters, scissors, glue, and duct tape to make the fighting toys out of foam boards.

Sword making supplies

Their craftsmanship has been rather impressive.

Throughout the day, they picked up these weapons and had fiery gladiator-like fights that went from the living room to the family room and back.

This very childish and extremely boyish behavior has been way more puzzling than upsetting to me. I will even admit, that their dramatic staged fights have been entertaining.

Sword fighting

I am ready for whatever this phase is called to end though. But they are not appearing to be done. They have just started to craft these Hobbit and conceal-sized daggers, and have yet to demonstrate how they will be utilized.

Small weapons

Sigh…I will just have to sit tight and wait for their reign of terror to end.

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