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A screaming battle between some pigeons that took up residence just above our bedroom roof woke me up just after 7AM.

I cursed these feathered squatters. They ruined my plan to sleep in on my weekend morning.

Unable to go back to sleep, I eyed my bedside clock, and pondered what to do…

I rolled out of bed, headed over to my teen’s bedroom, and invited my 14-year-old to go for a walk with me.

15 minutes later, we got ourselves a bottle of water, drove 2-3 minutes to the parking lot that leads to the walking path, and off we went.

It turned out to be a gorgeous morning for a peaceful and leisurely walk.

Our nearby walking trail

The air was crisp, with a light breeze that carried just the right amount of coolness. There wasn’t the slightest hint of the strong heat that was promised to descend upon us as the day progressed.

Miles long walking trail

Signs of drought along our walking path

Endless walking trails

Ah…life is good.

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Mount Rainier

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