Men with Kids are at lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease!!” I happily announced a headline from my internet browser to my husband.

Hubby looked up briefly from his Nintendo DS, and sneaked a thumbs up at me, then immediately refocused his attention back to the DS. Our baby’s DS.

We hesitated a great deal before buying the DS for our baby last Christmas, and the DS was presented with a host of restrictions, such as finishing homework, Chinese homework, piano practice, various chores, etc. before playing with it, along with a long lecture on the importance of not becoming addicted to it.

The children complied with our DS rules beautifully. They suffered no addiction. But the husband did! As soon as the kids are in bed, he picks up the DS and plays with it for hours, often past midnight, ignoring the TV screen, me, and my laptop.

“It seems the kids should give you heart attacks. Especially in their teen years.” My common sense was against this headline.

Silence from him. He continued to play his favorite kid’s game.

“How do kids help keep you from getting heart attacks?” talking more to myself now.

I was just about to click on the link to get to the bottom of this, when hubby piped in.

“The kids are good at keeping the wives preoccupied.” he said without taking his eyes off the DS.

“Ha, ha, ha….that must be it!!” me, enlightened with my eyes wide open, then pointing my finger at him, “YOU annoy me all the time! And I don’t do anything about it, because I am just too exhausted to pick a fight with you!”

Hubby smirked triumphantly at the DS.

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