“I got an A+ for my poem today!” my 6th grader announced happily.

“Congratulations.” I dutifully replied without taking my eyes off of my laptop.

“Our assignment was to write a poem about our families. All the kids wrote about their families, how much they love them, and how much their families love them back. NOT I! I wrote a totally crazy poem about “MY” family. And Mr. C gave me an A+!” 11-year-old continued with the bragging.

“Oh! And he loved my illustrations. He showed it to everyone in class on the projector!” 11-year-old.

“Alright, let me have a look.” I waved my hand for the assignment. Poetry is not my cup of tea.

I chuckled as I read along this poem. It is crazy and imaginative. I loved it! It is brilliant, and yes, the illustrations hit it out of the park. Worthy of an A+.

I immediately recognized that this poem would be crazy, as it is titled: Wacky Family.

Wacky Family

Wacky Family

My family’s completely out of whack.

When I get home from school, everyone’s back.

At the stove boiling pillows, there’s my mother.

Sneaking broccoli to his room—that’s my brother!

Trying to fit into a grocery bag,

That will be my dad.

A bit overdosed on drugs,

My baby sister, Catermaran-Bubbazad.

A rat is chasing my cat

With a baseball bat,

My fish is taking a nap

In a bottle cap,

This is a daily activity

For my family.

Luckily for me,

I’m loved by my family!

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