Gingerbread house

My children’s favorite holiday project is decorating gingerbread houses. They just spent a good part of a day and a half on their latest edible masterpiece.

Every year, after much begging and reminding, I come home and delight them with a basic gingerbread kit.

Gingerbread Village Kit

And then, I go to Walgreens to pick up loads of inexpensive holiday candies and various colorful icings, and let the fun begin.

Loads of extra sweets for the decoration project

This year, my kids collaborated and built an entire Christmas village together.

My 11-year-old built a snow-capped mountain with marshmallows. The mountain comes with a waterfall feature that drains into a pond.

Snow mountain and pond

My 8-year-old accidentally smeared a big splot of red icing on the village ground, and decided to cover it up by building a huge bonfire for the village.

Sweet bonfire

Together, they made Christmas trees with ice cream cones and green icing, and later decorated their trees with small candies.

Ice Cream Cone

This is the first year they did not require any help from me. My only part during the construction of the village was to constantly tell them to quit eating the pieces.

Our gingerbread village!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!!

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