I unwrapped a pound of Peet’s Major Dickason’s coffee beans from my husband for Christmas.

A pound of Peet's Coffee Beans

What is so wrong with this gift, you ask?

Is it because this isn’t some shining jewelry?

No. I do not fancy jewelry.

Is it because this gift pales in comparison to the fancy cars with bows on top that couples on TV surprise each other with during Christmas?

No, hubby and I have a long tradition of not buying gifts for each other during holidays, and even birthdays. We both hate shopping.

Is this because I don’t drink coffee?

No, I drink coffee every day.

Is it because he bought me the wrong kind of coffee?

No, I am a huge fan of Peet’s Coffee. Major Dickason’s is my favorite brand.

So, what’s MY problem?

Hmm…let me explain this away…

I BOUGHT THIS BAG OF COFFEE FOR MYSELF just earlier on the same day!!!!!

A nicely wrapped gift under our tree from me to him must of caught him by surprise, and he panicked. Then wrapped this perfectly new bag of Peet’s coffee he found on the kitchen counter.

Whoever came up with the fine idea that it is better to give than to receive should have issued an exemption for people like my husband, whose common sense is in short supply.

What did he receive from me?

This expensive and incredibly tasteful Tommy Bahama short-sleeve Polo Shirt.

Tommy Bahama Shirt

He is so getting a lump of coal from me for Christmas next year. Heaps of them!!!

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