The most challenging part of my baby’s weekly Chinese homework is the 3 sentences. It introduces three Chinese words, and the baby has to write Chinese sentences incorporating each of the three words.

Every week, my baby procrastinates this assignment until my rescue. I usually start with encouragement, then helpful hints, then total giveaway suggestions, and finally, I write down the sentences on the homework sheet myself.

The baby is 8 years old. I decided it is time to wean the child from this dependency…cold turkey style.

“Tasterbach! You are 8 years old now. It is time you write your own Chinese sentences.” me to the baby.

The baby stared back at me, wide-eyed and disbelieving.

“You can do it! If there are words you don’t know how to write, just come and ask me. But you have to come up and write your own sentences from now on.” me.

All week, that section of the homework was left blank, and I began to feel hopeless.

Then, today, I opened the baby’s worksheet, and found this Chinese sentence written in the most childishly charming way. The word was “If”.

8-year-old's very own Chinese sentence!

The sentence translated into English almost word for word: “If I get an A+, my mom will hug me.”

Ha, ha. That’s for sure! But this baby gets plenty of hugs from me everyday, even without the support of an A+.

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