“Mom, can we go to Michaels?” 11-year-old asked from the back of the car.

“We don’t have time for Michaels. We still need to go carpet shopping today.” me.

We got up blissfully late this Sunday morning. After a late lunch, it was already past 2:00 PM. That gave us only 2 or 3 hours left to visit flooring stores.

“But I need to go to Michaels!” 11-year-old demanded.

“Why?” me.

“I need to get something for my Greek journal project.” 11-year-old.

“I thought you are practically all done with putting your journal book together.” me. I am usually on top of the kids’ school work.

“Yes. But my teacher said that if we do extra things to make our book look extra nice, then he will give us extra credit.” 11-year-old.

“You would want me to get extra credit, don’t you?” 11-year-old added with a big grin.

Yes. I am a sucker for those extra credits.

“Let’s do a quick detour to Michaels.” I instructed my husband, who was driving.

I love going to Michaels. It is mainly an arts-and-crafts store. I go there often to buy art supplies and various school project supplies.

Sometimes, we go there without a hint of an idea on what to get for a specific project. We will simply walk down the aisles and come out with plenty of creative ideas for the projects. They have things that I don’t know I need until I see them.

The kids loving going to Michaels too. As soon as we reached the door, the 11-year-old bolted towards our favorite section of the store, with my 8-year-old running to catch up.

Hubby and I caught up with the kids. “What are you looking for? We will help you look.”

“I am looking for a ribbon.” 11-year-old.

“Oh, I know where that is. Follow me.” I lead them to the opposite side of the store.

“Here! A whole section here devoted to ribbons.” I have bought ribbons before. We have used them in the past to frame the boarders of their projects.

Their ribbons selection was like the jellybean aisle at a candy store. Many fun colors with many types of prints instead of flavors to choose from.

“What sort of ribbons are you looking for?” me.

“I want a ribbon with olives on it.” 11-year-old.

“WHAT?! You got to be kidding!” me and hubby together.

“The olive tree is what Goddess Athena gave to the people of Athens to become their patron god! So, the olive is a big part of my book. I want to use an olive ribbon to make a bookmark.” Then she added, “To get extra credit.”

“Okay! You are not going to find an OLIVE ribbon. WHY would anyone make an OLIVE ribbon!?” me. 11-year-old’s wants can be so ridiculous.

I turned to the ribbons to see what we could choose from.

“NO WAY!!!!!” me.

There they were….3 rolls of ribbons with olives on them sat on their aisle and stared back at me.

“I can’t believe this. There they are. You are SO going to earn extra credit.” me.

The goddess Athena herself must decided that my 11-year-old should have an olive ribbon that day.

The Olive Ribbon

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