We are doing something totally different for our summer vacation this year! And to do that, I have signed up to become a volunteer tour guide.

Travel is my second-favorite passion in life. And my idea of summer vacation requires a long flight of some sort. After all, travel means getting away from home.

This summer, however, we are going to visit world-famous places that we have taken for granted in the past, because they are too close to home.

Why? you might ask…..

My cousin, his family, and his best friend’s family are coming to visit America for the first time, and I have decided to delay my original travel plans to next summer. So, we can show them America, the beautiful.

My cousin has always graciously took care of me and my family and particularly my father, whenever we went to visit China. Now that he finally can come to visit America, I wanted to do the same for his family and friends. And they welcomed my offer to be their tour guide, since none of them speak English.

In two weeks time, we will visit the following places:

1) San Francisco Bay Area.

The Golden Gate Bridge

2) We will drive the 9 hours to Las Vegas, where I plan to immerse them in some wicked sin city business. But not to worry, I won’t get too carried away. We have four kids in our group.


3) We then move on from the outrageous man-made wonderland to nature’s outrageous wonderland of Grand Canyon. I have booked hotel rooms inside the park, to better our chances to see the famed sunset and sunrise.

Grand Canyon

4) After Grand Canyon, we will drive 8 hours to Los Angeles; there, we will properly spoil the children with day trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, and then some serious shopping trips for the grown-ups.

Disneyland-Southern California

Our guests arrive next Tuesday. And I am quite looking forward to see these amazing American sites through the eyes of these first time foreign visitors. Perhaps I will come back with some interesting stories to tell….

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