My kids have not been themselves during this winter break, entirely unrecognizable.

Their normal activities during holidays at home consist of lounging around, reading, roaming the house in their pjs, and raiding the refrigerator and our snack pantry. The easy life.

For unknown reasons, they quit their peaceful existence and suddenly took up homemade swords and hacked at each other for joy!

Swords and Shield

I am not to be blamed for any of this. We have never supplied them with weapon-like toys of any kind. No!

They did not seek my help. They made all sorts of swords, daggers, and a shield themselves. They took a considerable amount of time, and used rulers, cutters, scissors, glue, and duct tape to make the fighting toys out of foam boards.

Sword making supplies

Their craftsmanship has been rather impressive.

Throughout the day, they picked up these weapons and had fiery gladiator-like fights that went from the living room to the family room and back.

This very childish and extremely boyish behavior has been way more puzzling than upsetting to me. I will even admit, that their dramatic staged fights have been entertaining.

Sword fighting

I am ready for whatever this phase is called to end though. But they are not appearing to be done. They have just started to craft these Hobbit and conceal-sized daggers, and have yet to demonstrate how they will be utilized.

Small weapons

Sigh…I will just have to sit tight and wait for their reign of terror to end.

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