Last week, I had to bring my car in at the BMW dealership for service. After handing my car key to the service rep, I went over the service window to get my loaner car.

A tall young man with a neat crew cut greeted me. He picked out a key from a wall and walked back to me.

“I am going to give YOU a convertible to drive.” He announced to me, looking very pleased.

“Really?!” my eyes perked up.

“Yes. Really.” He shook the car key in his hand.

A convertible with me in it, cruising down a wide highway, lined by ocean on one side, and mountains on the other….ahhhh.

Then I thought of my baboons.

“No…can’t do.” I sighed.

The young man raised his eyebrows at me.

“I am a mom. I need to pick up my kids in the afternoons, and drive them places.” I stated, then added, “Is it a 4 door? I need a 4 door.”

“No. This convertible is a two door.” he stated, then added, “ sporty.”

“No. You just give me your most boring car.” I had to give up.

He stared back at me looking unamused.

“REALLY.” I affirmed my poor choice to him.

So, he loaned me a 300 series 4 door sedan, not even silver, dull gray.

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Category: Humor, Parents
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