Once in a while, my body craves a sinister burger. The kind that is juicy and drippy with ketchup, mayonnaise, ranch dressing… uh, and thick pieces of bacon….

Homemade all natural burger

That mood struck me yesterday. But don’t count on me to pick up my car keys, and drive out to the nearest McDonald’s. Oh, no. I prefer much more trouble to eat a burger. I took a short drive to one of my favorite local market, and picked up fresh ingredients to make a healthy burger dinner for the whole family.

Now, don’t interrupt the word healthy as non-fat or even low-fat burger. Because that would be silly! If I want to eat a burger, then bring on the fat.

My idea of a healthy home cooked burger just meant fresh and organic ingredients. Such as organic red leafy butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, and onion.

All organic fixings

Then I pile these goodness onto these wholesome organic wheat thin sandwich buns, spread with organic mayonnaise and ranch dressing.

Thin wheat buns and organic dressing

I also bought over a pound of all natural 100% grass fed ground beef.

The burger is an incredibly easy meal to make. It mostly require some washing, and the only thing to that needs a bit of work is the beef.

I simply added salt and pepper to the beef, and added some finely chopped garlic. Then added a beaten egg with Worcestershire sauce to the beef mixture.

All natural beef

I rolled the beef mixture into a ball, then flatten the patties out, and cook the patties on my stove. I add slices of cheese to the burger just before they are done, so the cheese are nicely melted.

I also pan fried slices of thick cut bacon to add to the burger.


Homemade gourmet burger is ready to be served!

I served the burger with a side of broccoli sauteed with garlic, making it into a yummy and guilt-free meal.

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