“Mom! I had this dream last night!”

I turned from my coffee machine, and saw my 12-year-old quickly approaching in her pajamas.

“What did you dream about?” me, re-directing my attention back to making my first cup of coffee.

“I dreamed that we were the family in that wife swap show!!” 12-year-old.

I chuckled. Wife Swap is one of our family’s few guilty pleasures. It is a reality TV show, where two polar opposite, dramatically different families swap the wife/mom for two weeks, and experience living with new rules and lifestyles.

“What happened in your dream?” me.

“Our new mom’s rule is no homework!! We can not do any homework for the week!!!!” 12-year-old all wide eyed.

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s quite a dream.” me.

“So, I went to school and told all my teachers about my new mom’s rule. But no body believed me!!” 12-year-old.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!” I laughed even more, “so, is this a DREAM or a nightmare for you?”

“hum….I can’t decide….”12-year-old, thinking to herself rather thoughtfully, “But it is definitely a nightmare for you.”

“Why me?!” me, still chuckling.

“Because! It means your new kids never EVER do their homework, and you are going to make them do homework for a week!” 12-year-old.

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