I took the kids to a place called “the Jungle” for their friend’s 6th birthday party the other day. It is a screaming loud place that is supposedly really fun for the kids. After what felt like an eternity of watching the children behaving likes animals in their natural habitat, three other moms and I stole away and sat down at the Jungle cafe to chit chat. After a short while, a father also seeking refuge came to join us at our table. He looked at us, we looked back at him. He then blurted out, “Why do you Asian women all have to have a Louis Vuitton?” Shocked! We quickly turned to look at each other. What an observation, three out of the four of us were sporting a LV bag! Another quick-witted mom and I immediately pointed at the exception, and blurted back: “She doesn’t”.

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Category: Humor, Parents
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