“Baby. Your room makes my dizzy.” I remarked to my 10-year-old casually as I laid in bed with her as part of our nightly bedtime ritual.

The baby giggled triumphantly.

Two weeks ago, I had given in, and allowed my 10-year-old to move forward with her plans to assault her own bedroom walls.

In the past few years, my two children had shared one bedroom. Back then, the kids had tremendous love for one and another, craved constant closeness, and demanded to be in the same room.

This all changed suddenly just a few months ago, when the then 12-year-old decided to christen her sail into the turbulent teenage waters by kicking the little one out of her room.

The baby did not take this well. Every time this subject came up, the baby would turn into a pitiful mess, with pouting lips and teary eyes.

Hubby suggested to painting the room as a way to coax the baby back into her own room. It wasn’t my favorite idea, but it did bring an approving smile onto the baby’s face.

As the weeks went by, our newly minted 13-year-old was getting increasing anxious to get this unwelcome occupier out of her room.

“Alright! Paint the other room.” I said to my husband.

Paint supplies

Hubby took our 10-year-old to Lowe’s, and they came back with green and purple paint. At least they didn’t come back with the cringe worthy orange, I comforted myself.

Then I witnessed my husband painstakingly making the most perfect circles out of cardboards.

“What are you doing?” I asked gently.

“We are making polka dot walls.” hubby.

“Oh. How many walls?” me.

“We’ll see.” hubby, still concentrating on his circle.

“One wall! You can have ONE polka dotted wall. The other three will just have solid colors.” me, issued my orders that clearly meant to be followed.

Polka Dots everywhere!


As I laid in the darken room with the baby, the hallway lighting gave the polka dots all around me a slight fluorescent glow.

Fluorescent glowing polka dots

Despite these mocking walls, I treasure these moments to pet my baby to sleep every night. I knew now that in a couple more years, the baby too will tower into adolescent stinkiness, put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her door, and turn me away.

When that time comes, I plan to paint our own master bedroom really happy. I will have rainbows and unicorns.

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