I have been crazy busy these past few days. So, when I saw my 13-year-old coming down the stairs with a small load of laundry, I made a rare request.

“Hey, do you think you can do my laundry too? With your load?” me.

“Sure.” 13-year-old, and promptly walked back upstairs to gather my laundry basket.

I started to have my 13-year-old do her own laundry just about a year ago, and that has worked out splendidly well. This is the first time I sought her help with mine.

Late Sunday night, I finally walked back upstairs for some well-deserved rest, and saw this theatrical display of our clothes in front of my bedroom.

The laundry

When I provided laundry service to the family, the clean clothes were always nicely hung in their closets or neatly put away in their drawers.

What’s up with teenage brains?! And she only chose to wash 5 shirts out of our basket!! I actually had a good laugh out of this.

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