Last Saturday was my children’s music school’s Christmas recital, which is their biggest recital of the year.

The kids had spent several months practicing their recital pieces to perfection. I even purchased beautiful dresses for them for the occasion.

As soon as we sat down, I saw from the program guide that my two kids happened to be the last two piano performers.

I have a confession to make here…I was a terrible audience.

As the other young musicians (who undoubtedly worked very hard on them) performed their pieces, I was obsessively fussing over my camera.

I busied away with my camera settings, changing the aperture, iso setting, zoomed in and out, and I used the other performers as models to frame my shots and snapped test shots.

My head grew excited with the prospect of gorgeous pictures of my children playing on a grand piano up on a beautifully decorated stage.

Finally!! My kids’ turn.

I snapped,

Recital photo

and snapped,

No face!!

and snapped,

still no face...



This is where I failed to evolve smarter than an orangutan. All that hair, I got no face!! But I kept snapping, and snapping, and snapping….. I WAS MAD.

Cousin Itt playing piano

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