We spent our second day in Jiuzhaigou County visiting Huanglong.

Huanglong Colorful Pond

Huanglong is translated as Yellow Dragon in English. It is a three hour drive from Jiuzhaigou, where we were staying. We booked a private car for this visit. Upon arriving Huanglong entrance, we took the cable car all way up, and hiked the entire way down as we marveled its grand beauty, and stopped countless times to take photos. It took us about 4 hours to explore the Yellow Dragon.

Huanglong Waterfall

Huanglong was definitly worth the day trip. It is simply a fairyland. The colors of the lakes and ponds are impossible to describe with words. And even if you were right in front of it, you still might not believe it is real. My 9 year old kept insisting that someone had put food colors into the ponds.

Huanglong Ponds

We left our hotel in Jiuzhaigou at 8AM, and got back at around 6PM. It was another amazing day.

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