“I WON!! I won my classroom Science Fair Project!” the baby screaming into my ear, and instantly filling the car with excitement.

“WHAT?!” me, shocked, disbelieving.

“I WON. HA!” the baby waved a fist across her chest, and gave me a triumphed look.

That was the science project that I had made fun of before.

When I first found out that the plot of the project was to explode pumpkins, I condemned it with a strong dose of bad attitude. Then I had told these dimwits (hubby and the baby) that there were no pumpkins this time of the year.

Undeterred, hubby came home with comprises. Soon our kitchen was filled with watermelons, cantaloupes, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, and unfamiliar squashes.

Melons and Squashes

Then hubby and the baby spent three good weekend afternoons, counting and wrapping rubber bands onto their victims, and strangle them with snail speed to their uncommon demise.

Exploding the squashes with rubber bands!

split in half!

Every time a squash or melon split apart, rubber bands, squash parts, and their messy guts flew, and they would cheer gleefully.


I would shake my head, and yell out to the backyard, “You guys better clean this stuff up!”

As it turned out, they did have a scientific hypotheses for all their trouble, and it was confirmed by the experiment.

The Winning Project

It even won. The teacher liked it, because she thought it was creative. The kids liked it, because they wish they had thought of it, and got to spend their afternoons torturing squashes.

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