Summer is best enjoyed with fun and sun. On Monday, I took the kids to the Santa Cruz Board Walk to commence the beginning of our summer.

Santa Cruz Board Walk on the Beach

Upon arrival, we walked up and down the board walk, trying to decide what to eat.

Lots of food vendors along the board walk

Our lunch was junk food galore! The kids were smiling ear to ear enjoying a rare meal that is completely out of the boundary of a healthy meal.

After lunch, the kids went straight for the stomach turning rides. I was impressed with they did not end up experiencing their meal in reverse.

The Cyclone right after lunch

More rides!

In just 2 to 3 hours, they have used up the handful of ride tickets I gave them. So, I lead them onto the sand towards the beach. The beach is free.

Santa Cruz Beach

“Hey! We didn’t bring our bathing suits. Try to stay out of the water, so you don’t get wet.” me.

The kids run towards the water and met the approaching waves. They were soon wet and gleaning with laughter.

I joined them. It’s the summer. Let’s have fun.

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