No first time visitors to the Big Island can properly visit the island without a rendezvous to Madam Pele’s Volcano. We are proper tourists, and arranged to spend two nights near the volcano.

A live volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii

When we left the sunny Kohala Coast, and into the roam of Hilo, we were immediately greeted by darkening skies, powerful angry sea, and sheets of slapping rain.

Hilo coast

Well, if you are willing to brave the rain, Hilo will generously reward you with gorgeous lush tropical greenery…

Green Hilo

Akaka Falls

Rainbow Falls, except there was no sun to make the rainbow

This massive tree really wow'ed us

Canopy tree road

Local family having fun in this Hilo beach

That night, after dinner, we drove into the Volcano National Park to peak at the live volcano. Wow, RED GLOW, yup, there was hot lava burning underneath us.

Nighttime red glow can be seen in the distance from inside the museum

During the day, you can only see the aftermath of Goddess Pele’s handy work.

Earth's burned crust

New life on Lava

Where the lave met the sea


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