My 14-year-old will start her new High School this Thursday. On Monday, I took her to school for registration. After standing in lines to check-in, to get school ID picture taken, and to get her new schedule of classes, we were finally in line for school locker.

“Hi, we were told to get in this line for a locker.” I said to the lady that sat at the table.

“Well, you don’t have to get a locker. It is optional.” the nice lady told me with a big smile.

“Optional?!” I wrinkled my eyebrows together. How could a necessity like high school locker be optional? My mind wondered back to when I was in high school. At the end of a school day, I stood there scanning the kids pouring out of the school gate, trying to spot a familiar face, familiar enough to want to help me carry my heavy load of textbooks to the bus stop.

My 14-year-old brought me back to the present time by waving her brand new iPad in front of me.

Our High School requires all student to have an iPad. There will be no paper textbooks, with the exception of a couple of workbooks for Spanish I. All books will be on this iPad.

“Everything I need is on this iPad. I don’t need a locker.” 14-year-old.

Ipad for school

“Only 30% of our students get a locker.” the lady added.

I got us a locker. Just for old times sake.

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