“Kids! What would you like for dinner tonight?” I yelled towards upstairs to the kids. This simple question landed me in a whole bunch of trouble last Saturday night.

I had the pleasure of watching my two young nieces last Saturday. So, just after 6PM, I offered the kids a dinner of their choice.

A few minutes later, the 4 kids came running down the stairs, and yelled almost in unison: “We want a tea party!!!”

Silly me. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Sushi, Pizza, Burger…

“Tea Party for dinner?!” me.

“Yeah! Take us to Lisa’s Tea Treasure.” said the ring leader, my 14-year-old, “You know, that fancy tea house you took us to before.”

“Don’t be crazy! You can’t just show up at Lisa’s Tea Treasures. That place requires a reservation weeks in advance!” me.

“Well, you said it is our choice for dinner tonight, and we want a tea party.” the unyielding 14-year-old.

“Yeah, we want tea party.” The littler kids joining in and jumping up and down.

I walked into the kitchen, and studied the contents in my pantry and refrigerator.

“Fine. I will give you a tea party.” me, total pushover.

“Yea!” the kids all run upstairs together.

I busied myself like a mad woman in the kitchen, and even went to the backyard and collected the best looking roses for the party.

45 minutes later, I yelled upstairs again, “Ladies, your tea party is ready.”

Wow! Apparently, the kids were busy upstairs as well. They raided the closets and changed into fancy dresses that were purchased for special occasions. They had lipsticks on, and adorned themselves in sparkling jewelries.


Tea party treats

They were equally impressed by the Tea Party spread I had prepared for them.

Tea party

I served them non-caffeinated tea in my best espresso set. I made them Nutella and Grilled Cheese finger sandwiches, mini corn dogs, a beautiful tray of biscuits, chocolate wafers, various cookies, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Of course, with a beautiful fresh rose as their center piece, and a few rose pedals scattered over the table.

The fancy ladies sat down, marveled at their fabulous tea party dinner, and started eating.

Let the party begin!

First, my 14-year-old trained the littler girls to properly hold the tea cup with the pinkies sticking up and slightly curved.

Then they spent the entire dinner speaking in very bad, and terribly exaggerated British accent.

But the fun didn’t stop there for me. They insisted on referring to me as the tea maid, and were constantly requesting more tea, more sugar, ketchup for their corn dogs, or to clean up their spillage.

By 8PM, I was tired and hungry myself. Thank goodness, their butler arrived home with dinner for us servants.

After the kids were finally done, hubby and I devoured our Panda Express takeout dinners.

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