The Norwegian Dawn, that is.

Norwegian Dawn

Ladies and gentlemen, I survived my first cruise.

I have always shunned cruises.

The very idea of being trapped in a boat with thousands of people in the middle of the sea made me queasy. Its notorious amount of food and nonstop feeding frenzy has to be a health hazard. Thousands of overfed cruise passengers disembarking onto the port has always prompted me to turn around and get away fast.

But for one week, I became the cruise tourist I have always feared. I even played the part well.

I ate indiscriminately from morning to bedtime. Hey, if they kept the buffet open until midnight, it meant I should feed myself just before going to bed.

Buffet spread

I yelled, screamed, and clapped whenever prompted to do so by their hyper-energetic cruise entertainers.

Pool deck white party

I danced too.

Dancing the night away

I participated in day excursions in beautiful settings heavily burdened by commercialization.

The set up on Playa Mia

Cave tubing

The locals armed with goods and food greeted us with extraordinary high price tags, I paid and smiled at them.

Local Gift shop

I got back on the boat, stole a peaceful moment in the comfort of my own balcony, and took in the beauty of the local scenery one last time before sailing away.

Roatan Island

Cozumel port

Ship sailed.

Leaving port

I went to get more food.

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