Do you just not feel like making dinner on some days?

I do! I did not feel like making dinner yesterday.

I had a 3 course meal all planned out in my head, then by the early afternoon, a sudden wave of laziness washed over me. I threw the defrosted meats back into the freezer.

I was going to pull my VISA card trick for takeout.

Except, it is not that easy to be me these days… My baby can’t eat gluten. You may not know this, but gluten and fast food are best friends, and they don’t like to be separated.

It is every parent’s duty to feed their offspring, right?

So, by 6PM, I found myself looking frantically into the refrigerator and seeing what could be put together for my celiac child.

That fresh loaf of gluten free bread I made on Sunday came in handy when I found butter and cheese.

Homemade gluten free bread

I can make a mean gluten free grilled cheese sandwich, assisted by two thin slices of low fat, low sodium spam.

Buttered GF bread with cheese and ham

The key is to generously butter the bread on both sides, lightly toast both sides of the bread, add high quality cheese, add spam or ham, and toast the sandwich on both sides on low heat until the cheese melts in the center.

Pan grilled on low heat

Dinner is served!

Gluten free grill cheese sandwich with a side of fruit and milk

The baby clapped her hands approvingly at the sight of her dinner.

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