Merely a month after snowboarding at Whistler, Canada, we found ourselves on the sands of Maui for Spring break.

To the beach!

Yes, it is really rough being me.

We visit Maui frequently, and being regular visitors, we don’t need to jam pack our vacation days with activities that are must dos on Maui. Because we have already done everything twice over.

So, everyday we just keep doing what we enjoy the most on this island: hitting the beaches.

Maui's sandy beach

Early in the morning, we grab our gear, and head to our favorite snorkeling spots to snorkel.

I have taught both of my children to snorkel since they were five years old, and my teen can snorkel dive like a pro.

My teen chasing after a colorful fish

When you can dive, you can take beautiful photos of things under the sea close up.

A beauty under the sea

You can also harass a poor eel out of its cave to go somewhere else. Sorry!

An eel getting away from us

We hiked on little known trails to reach our favorite beach front restaurant.

Beach trail

Avocado and crab omelette

It is okay to order alcohol with your breakfast on Maui.

tropical drinks

Then we go for a swim in the ocean.

A morning dip in the ocean

In the afternoons, we go to our favorite boogie board beach to play with the surf.

Boogie boarding at Kamaole III beach

And we boogie board until sunset.

Boogie boarding until sunset

Then we go out and feast on catch of the day.

Whole Opakapaka fish

And we always remember to save room for dessert!

The Black Pearl

Next morning, we start over with snorkeling again, and repeat.

My little mermaid

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