Over the weekend, my friend and I took the kids to an outing at a nearby Amusement park. We were both enjoying sitting under some shade, sipping something cold while watching our 4 kids busy doing kids stuff.

“Hey, I want to ask you something,” my friend turned and said to me.


“Do you look through your kids’ emails?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” I said. Well, only my 8 year old has an email account. The 5 year old can’t write.

“You do?! Isn’t that snooping?” She really turned and looked at me.

“They are eight! We have to know who they are emailing with, and what they are emailing about. For their own protection.” I defended my position soundly.

My friend took sometime, and seemed to be reflecting on what I just said.

“So, what do these kids write about?” she whispered to me.

“Harmless non-sense.”

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