I hosted a playdate for my children and their two friends from 3PM to 10PM last Saturday. But don’t feel bad for me. It wasn’t so terrible. I found that as the kids are getting a little older, they no longer require my services in helping them play. In fact, the 4 children played all day, and didn’t bother me at all.

Just as I was lamenting that my babies are starting to turn into big kids, a little game called Simon Says assured me that they are still just little kids.

After dinner, we were driving home from Sweet Tomatoes. The kids started to play Simon Says in the back seat of my car. I wasn’t paying attention to them, until one child said, “Simon says: tickle your booger.”

I quickly noted from my rear view mirror that the little fingers found their way into their noses.

My laughter joined the little giggles coming from the back seat.

“You all lost!” the one child declared loudly.

“What?”, “Why!”, “We did it right.” came the protest noises.

“Simon said to tickle your booger–you all picked your noses!”

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