I was driving the kids to school this morning, and my radio was tuned in to a local News station as usual. We were just turning into the main road, when the radio announced, “President Obama made an unprecedented plea to the Quran-burning Pastor. Coming up!” then it cut into commercials.

“What’s a Quran-burning Pastor? Mom” 10-year-old asked from the back seat.

I had to think this question over for a quick moment.

“Today is September 9th. In two more days, it will be September 11th. You kids know about September 11th, right?” I decided to put the explanation into context first.

“We do.” both kids replied.

“Well, on every Nine Eleven, we mark the anniversary, remember those who died, and remember what had happened to our country”, I continued on, “ But there is a crazy group of people, that wants to do crazy things on this September 11th. Do you know what they want to do?”

“They want to build a Mosque on Ground zero!” 10-year-old shouted out.

“Well…. that’s a different group of crazy people.” I chuckled. “This crazy group is actually on the opposite side from that group. This new crazy people are a Christian group lead by a Paster down in Florida, and they want to remember September 11th by burning the Quran, which is the Islamic bible.”

I paused for inputs from the kids, and was met with silence.

“If they burn the Quran, it will piss off a lot more terrorists. And when the terrorists are pissed off, they will want to kill more Americans. So everybody is asking the crazy Pastor to PLEASEEE don’t burn the Quran!”

“Oh!” from the back seat.

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