The best remedy for an awkward situation is laughter.

Last week, I was out of town for a few days to a beach destination on personal business. After a particularly laborious day, I noted that my body was in need of pampering. So, after a quick dinner, I went down to the pool area for relaxation.

After a quick dip in the pool, I headed straight for the jacuzzi, and was happy to find the large jacuzzi uninhabited. I settled into the hot tub nicely, and began to unwind as I stared up into the sky covered with stars. Shortly after, an elderly man came to join me in the jacuzzi. He and I exchanged a quick glance and a friendly nod, and we both just sat in the hot bubbling pool quietly minding our own enjoyment.

Through the bubbling noises, I heard two rowdy talking voices approaching. I turned to look, and saw two younger men walking toward the jacuzzi. The two men could easily be twins, if it weren’t for the fact that they had very different faces. They were both medium height, stoutly built, and featuring well endowed beer guts.

They came with big jugs of something to drink in their hands, even though there were signs that alcohol is not allowed in the jacuzzi.

They waded into the hot pool of water, yelling, “Hot! Hot! Hot… ahhh…”, followed by laughing. They were a happy sort of fellas.

“Where you folks from?” One of them shouted out at me and the old man.

The old gentleman answered his question, and they started to carry on with small talk. I simply kept to myself and continued to soak my entire body to the neck in the hot tub, and continued to stare at the starry sky.

After 10 minutes or so, I began to feel overheated, and decided that it was time to go back to my room and get ready for bed.

I quietly got out of the tub, wrapped a towel over myself, and was about to leave. Then I heard the loud young man behind my back, “Oh, I thought you two are together.”

This had me stop in my tracks. What?! This elderly gentleman is quite OLD, and he is Caucasian. And I am a young looking, semi-young Asian woman. Does this bone headed young man think we are a couple?!

I am not in the habit of taking insults lying down! (or standing up). So, I turned to give the mouthy young man a good look.

“You mean, I look like I COULD be his daughter to you?” I demanded.

It got all quiet. His buddy and the old man both looked at me and then back at him.

This bone headed young man is not completely hopeless; he seemed to grasp his offense.
“Um…The lighting is very dark…” he started to think and mumble.

The old man looked at our faces, and started to chuckle. I am not sure which he thought is funnier: that I am his daughter or his girlfriend. The chuckle became contagious, we all started to chuckle and burst into laughter.

“Goodnight, boys.” I said to all of them, as I walked away.

Resort Jacuzzi

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