Last weekend, the four of us made our annual pilgrimage to my parents’ home for the Chinese New Year celebration. We drove the 6 hours down to Southern California on Friday evening, and spent the entire Saturday eating in a non-stop frenzy, exchanging red envelops, and greeting and meeting all of my family elders in the area. Then we drove the 6 hours back home on Sunday.

My parents are in their 70’s, and my father has the coolest retirement hobby that is uniquely his. One of the first things that we do upon entering their home is to run to the backyard and visit his retirement project. Over the years, slowly and surely, he has built a miniature Chinese Garden in his backyard. His garden features bridges, gazebos, Pagodas, unique rocks, water features, and it is forever expanding with new inspirations (usually from his trips back to China).

My Dad in his miniature Chinese Garden Backyard

Every time we come to visit, he always has a new exhibit to show us. This time, the new addition is this miniature rock formation, with Chinese characters he carefully carved and painted in red on it.

New rock formation with Chinese characters carvings.

Here are close ups of some of his work.

Budda's Temple


Chinese building

Chinese Miniature Garden

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